Have you ever planned IT equipment purchase at a small expenditure of time, labour and money? Wouldn’t it be just great to have the computers configured according to you needs, and all the required applications and operational system installed at the stage of production. Next, computers would be delivered to your company, ready to be connected to the existing infrastructure. The computers – requiring minimal amount of time to be configured and offering the optimal network capacity.

Next business day guarantee assures that in case of equipment failure they are repaired the next working day after it was reported. “Keep your hard drive” service enables the ordering party keeping the damaged hard disk with data in case of failure and its replacement.

We offer companies and institutions solutions connected with the construction of IT infrastructure. We provide the state-of-the-art computers, server and network systems, as well as the data security products and printers. We supply the ready-to-use computers of the world-wide known brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP or Fujitsu.

Reliable IT infrastructure, created on the basis of foolproof network systems, together with the IT security, is the key to effective performance of every company. A company, which puts top priority on its dynamic development and effective performance, cannot allow for any negligence in this area.

The solutions we offer mean reliable technical solutions allowing their users to concentrate on the company’s development instead of trying to “tame” the technology, which is supposed to help us. The solutions include thoroughly prepared software and services for companies, enabling their easy installation, operation and updating. We offer also models